Sealing Solutions For Food, Beverage, Pulp & Paper And Woodworking Industries

Tihentuum OÜ offers a complete range of industrial seals for heavy-duty applications. We supply rotary shaft seals, standard and custom-made large-size O-rings in various compounds, self-lubricating bushings and washers, various hydraulic and pneumatic seals, and mechanical seals.

In cooperation with the network of global manufacturing partners, our engineers develop and implement solutions for manufacturers and services for the operation, repair and maintenance of process equipment.

A vast stock of products allows us to deliver orders to customers' doorsteps as soon as possible. Our sealing products are used in Food, Beverage, Pulp & Paper and Woodworking Industries. We cooperate with engineering companies and workshops.

Our customers see us as a reliable and loyal partner offering high-quality products and services, a personal approach and prompt resolution of any technical issues.
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Tihentuum OÜ

Reg 16480025

VAT EE102485057

Ahtri 12, Tallinn, 10151, Estonia

Tel: +3726039219


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